Finding the Best Toronto Waterproofing Contractor

basement waterproofing service

New to the scene of homeownership? Maybe you’re someone who’s trying to remodel and perfect a potential tenant-occupied building to start raking in cash – whatever the case may be, you’ll want to find the best basement waterproofing service available. While it’s easy to read reviews, learn via word of mouth, or simply call and use the first contractor you find, you may want to dive deeper into what makes a waterproofing contractor the best. The aforementioned isn’t the only topic we’ll cover, as there’s much to know about waterproofing your residence or commercial property.

Contractors with Updated Certifications

You can’t just walk into any facility, claim you want to be a contractor, and get the job – unless you’re going under the table, of course; however, there are quite a few updated certifications that any great contractor will have, giving you peace of mind. There are also a few types of certifications that aren’t of high-quality, and have barely any standards to pass. A Toronto waterproofing contractor may seek out certifications from the Sealant and Waterproofing Association, or a company that’s similar in the Toronto area. In having certifications under these titles, you know you’re receiving quality care, and not a “contractor” that took a random test online for free.

Depending on the certification and education received, specific companies offer comprehensive tests that go through a number of waterproofing topics that include the following:

  • Safety
  • Techniques
  • Sealants and materials
  • Industry Standards
  • Ethics
  • History

Yes – even history of waterproofing is used as an educational tool in the testing for a certification. With this included, the testing made sure to discuss and test on sealants, foundations, and soils, as well as epoxies for waterproofing. The Sealant and Waterproofing Association (as well as many others that offer comprehensive testing for certifications) offers hands-on expos for the demonstration of new products within the industry.

If you’re going with someone from the Sealant and Waterproofing Association, you’re going to have someone who is associated with the Alliance Agreement of SWRI (Sealant, Waterproofing, and Restoration Institute for furthering education on this topic).

Of course, the proper contractor wouldn’t let their certification expire, as this would indicate they’re lazy and don’t want to re-study and re-test. The world of waterproofing changes quite frequently, as new measures are tested for the modernization of waterproofing. When this occurs, a fresh certification is needed. Because of the change in techniques, materials, and industry information, a re-certification is necessary every two years. When your Toronto waterproofing contractor provides up-to-date certifications, you know they care about their reliability.

As we mentioned, contractors with particular certifications will be offered seminars to learn about these new technologies. Depending on the association, contractors have to renew their certifications and licenses every X amount of years. When this happens, they must study the updated technologies to continuously provide the best and latest for their customers.

In short, when you are working with a contractor that is certified, you’re typically working with someone that has to stay current on the latest trending technologies in the world of waterproofing and structural contracting. When you’re working with someone that doesn’t have any certifications, not only can this be illegal depending on the work, but you’re also working with someone who willingly does not want to further their knowledge of the industry. Someone who is too prideful is someone you don’t want to work with, as they may not be prideful enough to own up to when their work isn’t the best – which could cost you thousands in the long run.